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If you've answered yes to any of the below questions, this experience is for you!

  • Are you having a difficult time raising money to support your nonprofit?

  • Are you struggling with forming a productive Board of Directors?

  • Are you finding it difficult to locate Foundations and Corporations giving grants?

  • Would you like to increase the number of corporate partners?

  • Have you found it difficult to mobilize volunteers to support your nonprofit?

  • Have you been self-funding your Nonprofit Organization?


We have been helping leaders of Nonprofit Organizations for over 20 years, from new start-ups to those who have been in business for many years.

Enroll in the self-guided coaching experience and receive Three FREE bonuses worth $1,600

  • BONUS 1 Download three free sample funding proposals that were written by experienced researchers

  • BONUS 2 Lifetime access the course and, videos and resources, that will enable you to enlarge and deepen the potential of your Nonprofit Organization

  • BONUS 3 Complimentary access to Grant Directory, the world's most comprehensive source of foundation and corporate grants, will enable you to find the right grants for your needs

You'll Learn

How to get the fundraising results you desire for your Nonprofit Organization within 90 days, even when you don't have a grant writer on your team, and you don't have money to pay someone to do your fundraising.


When You Enroll in the Coaching Program

Guaranteed Results

You will get a clear picture of the top 4 Fundraising Resources You Need To Access Starting Today To Fund Your Organization Rapidly.

I'll Show You

Why you don't need a fundraising expert or a large team to achieve your fundraising goals to grow your Nonprofit when you launch your next fundraising campaign and be successful.

The Exact Steps You Need To Follow That Will Lead You To Setup & Manage Your Fundraising Launch Successfully


Dr. Sonya Okoli

Colorfully Educated

"Derrick and his team are absolutely AMAZING! I truly had no real concept of what the Nonprofit sector entailed or what was needed to be impactful AND financially healthy. Then I was introduced to Derrick, and after just a few months my business experienced a SHIFT. Thanks to the strategies and practices we learned to execute. Now we're finally in the RIGHT position to change lives while we Survive."

Latoya Williams

Gems and Gents Coaching

"I was referred to Derrick Hill and his team, I enrolled in his nonprofit course and was so impressed with the knowledge that he possessed. I hired him to handle my legal work and I must say, he provided nothing less than absolute professionalism. Now, Gems and Gents Coaching Corner is ready to take on the city by storm thanks to Derrick and his team. Additionally, after applying some of the things that I have learned, we started receiving corporate support. "

Dr. Charcia Nichols

Ivy Prep Academy

"Derrick Hill and his team have done an amazing job with resource development and rebranding at Ivy Preparatory Acadamy, which is a Nonprofit 501c school for girls in grades K-8. The team works nonstop to ensure we have resources to promote our vision of leadership and empowerment of our girls. They are truly innovative and dedicated to our school and our scholars!"

Adrienne Small

The Adrienne Small Foundation

"In less than 3 months, Derrick and his team have helped to ensure that not only were we in compliance as a nonprofit, but also helped build and train our board, layout every level of our fundraising campaigns, and helped us apply and win grants that we would have not known about had it not been for his efforts. If you have the opportunity to work with Derrick, do not hesitate! The investment is pennies compared to the results!"

Sheila E. Smith

Rightsideof50, Inc.

"Derrick and the entire team are beyond professional. From day one, we jumped right into focusing on what I set out to accomplish. Derrick made sure all of my ducks were in a row, from compliance to Board member education. All of Derrick's information and strategies have afforded me put me in the mindset of Get Ready, Get Set, Goooooo!!!!!!! Within these 90 days, HillChase has helped me to go from a thought to a full Company. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, which will make me and Rightsideof50 more accessible to assist the women we seek to make better life decisions. Within 90 days, we also received funding."

Sonya Ashley

Fabulous On Purpose Inc

"Under Derrick's leadership, I have learned so much and have seen tremendous growth, not just professionally but personally as well. Fabulous On Purpose went from being in a financial deficit to seeing an increase in funding within only 90 days of working with him. Before working with Derrick, our organization had never received a grant before; now, we are receiving grants and seeing an increase in individual giving. What I love about Derrick is his sincerity in seeing his clients win! He takes pride in his work and pushes you to succeed, not only pushes you but encourages and cheers you on the entire time."

Danielle Dallis Hairston

Women Just Like Me

"Progress and action took place right out of the gate when our organization decided to contract HillChase for Board development, training, and planning fundraising initiatives. Over the past 90 days, we worked together to develop a solid Board, Board training presented by Mr. Hill, completion of the operational budget, and assistance with grant opportunities. "

Meet Your Course Coach

Derrick Hill

Hello! I’m Derrick Hill, and I absolutely love kayaking and often find myself taking calls and working from my Kayak. I have created a work from anywhere model, and I’ve been helping leaders of nonprofit organizations do the same thing. I am the creator of the coaching program Expand & Grow Your Nonprofit in 90 Days™ which allows leaders of Nonprofits to grow their organizations in program development, board of directors growth, funding, volunteer development, and much more. The online coaching program also helps leaders launch successful fundraising campaigns. Expand & Grow Your Nonprofit in 90 Days ™ is a 5-week coaching experience that enables individuals to create & launch very successful organizations.

Grant Directory

Start today and receive your Grant Directory of over 1,000 Foundations and Corporations, who provide funding

Learn how to develop a winning Board of Directors that will support the success and sustainability of your Nonprofit organization

Don't Need Alot of Time?

The BEST part about this course, it's all self-paced, allowing you to get the full experience based upon your own schedule, and you never have to leave your home or office

You'll take a deep dive into program development that will ensure the success of your Nonprofit Organization

Week #1 Proposal Writing

You'll never need a grant writer again

  • You'll take a deep dive into HOW to write the Concept for a proposal that appeals to FUNDERS

  • You'll take a deep dive into HOW to design and write the program section of the proposal

  • You'll understand the four outlets to send your proposal

  • You'll gain insight on how to construct the budget for your proposal

Week #2 The Four Essential Elements

Your fundraising will significantly enhance

  • You'll learn tangible strategies to reach Individual Donors

  • You'll learn how to transform your entire organization into a culture of Philanthropy

  • You'll learn how to design Corporate Giving campaigns successfully

  • You'll learn how to mobilize your Board for high-level giving

Week #3 Three Stages to Success

Donors funding occurs in three stages, and you will master each stage

  • You'll learn how to develop successful prospective donor relationships

  • You'll learn the right perfect timing when to ask for the contribution

  • You'll gain a fantastic insight into donor cultivation, which will organically increase your funding efforts

Week #4 Develop a winning Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the centrality to building a successful Nonprofit

  • You'll learn how to deploy your Board in fundraising successfully

  • You'll learn how to get Board members heading in the right direction individually and collectively

  • You'll learn best practices for Board to use when engaging in fundraising

  • You'll learn the board responsibilities as it relates to fundraising

Week #5 Winning Program Outcomes, Goals and Strategies

Programming that is a measurable framework will always be successful

  • You'll learn how to write successful program outcomes

  • You'll learn the elements involved with designing program goals

  • You'll learn the strategies and best practices to help you achieve your program goals and outcomes.

Expand & Grow Your Nonprofit in 90 Days

  • Week #1 Proposal Writing (You'll never need a grant writer again)

  • Week #2 The Four Essential Elements (Your fundraising will significantly enhance)

  • Week #3 Three Stages to Success (You will master each stage)

  • Week #4 Develop a winning Board of Directors (The Board of Directors is the centrality to building a successful Nonprofit)

  • Week #5 Winning Program Outcomes, Goals and Strategies (Programming that is a measurable framework will always be successful)

  • BONUS: Three free sample funding proposal so that you can see how it should look and feel BONUS: Lifetime unlimited access to bonus videos and materials designed to support the growth of your Nonprofit Organization BONUS: Complimentary Grant Directory with more than 1,000 Foundations and Corporations that provide grants

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Get started now and receive everything you need to start raising the finances needed to support your Nonprofit; you’ll also receive a complete grant directory and many other step-by-step resources to support your fundraising efforts and board of directors’ development. Start now and watch your nonprofit organization sore to new levels using our proven support system. You will have lifestyle access to this self-guided program.