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As the leading consulting firm for leaders of Nonprofit Organizations, our team has a breadth and depth of management consulting experience in virtually all major categories of nonprofit organizational development.


Get ready to reach your fundraising vision. Whether your ambition is to launch a major project, or craft sustainable revenue strategies, our team brings unrivaled experience in creating customized revenue strategies for purpose-driven nonprofits. We will help you succeed by creating a winning revenue strategy, and enhancing your fundraising model.

Strategy for Greater Impact

Before you can have an impact on the community, you have to have a strategy. Community impact results from establishing clarity, designing your theory of change, building leadership and collaborative teams, and managing performance. Allow us to provide you with the personalized guidance that you need to develop the right strategy for growth.

Strategic Planning and Performance Management

Strategic planning is the act of creating a reliable, comprehensive blueprint prioritizing and focusing your organization’s resources over a three- to five-year timeline. We can help by doing an internal and external assessment, designing a reliable framework, developing goals and objectives, and managing performance and implementation.

Board of Directors Development

Ready to transform the way your board and management team work together, amplify leadership impact, and achieve more powerful results? We will help with a board development and governance impact practice offering multiple areas of support.

Executive Team Coaching

We can strengthen your leadership strategies, empower teams for top efficiency, and assist you through leadership changes. We provide tailored executive coaching for teams to help define and advance leadership capacities, understand common deficits and bad habits, and solve specific challenges.

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