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You'll be in awe when I show you how to rapidly raise financial support for your Nonprofit Organization through Corporate Giving, Board Giving, Individual Donor Giving, and Staff/Volunteer Giving.

Why you don't need a fundraising expert or a large team to achieve your fundraising goals to grow your Nonprofit when you launch your next fundraising campaign and be successful.

Learn how how to write winning grant proposals, and understand what funders are looking to find in your proposal

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  • BONUS: Complimentary life-time membership to the Center for Nonprofit Innovation virtual Resource Center

  • BONUS: Lifetime unlimited access to bonus videos and materials designed to support the growth of your Nonprofit Organization

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Grow Your Nonprofit in 90 Days

Learn how to develop a winning Board of Directors that will support the success and sustainability of your Nonprofit organization


Dr. Sonya Okoli

Colorfully Educated

"Derrick and his team are absolutely AMAZING! I truly had no real concept of what the Nonprofit sector entailed or what was needed to be impactful AND financially healthy. Then I was introduced to Derrick, and after just a few months my business experienced a SHIFT. Thanks to the strategies and practices we learned to execute. Now we’re finally in the RIGHT position to change lives while we Survive.”

Latoya Williams

Gems and Gents Coaching Corner

I was referred to Derrick Hill and his team, I enrolled in his nonprofit course and was so impressed with the knowledge that he possessed. I later hired him to handle my legal work and I must say, he provided nothing less than absolute professionalism. Now, Gems and Gents Gents Coaching Corner is ready to take on the city by storm thanks to Derrick and his team.

Dr. Charcia Nichols

Ivy Prep Academy

"Derrick Hill and his team have done an amazing job with resource development and rebranding at Ivy Preparatory Academy, which is a Nonprofit 501c school for girls in grades K-8. The team works nonstop to ensure we have resources to promote our vision of leadership and empowerment of our girls. They are truly innovative and dedicated to our school and our scholars! "

How to get the fundraising results you desire for your Nonprofit Organization within 90 days, even when you don't have a grant writer on your team, and you don't have money to pay someone to do your fundraising.

What We Offer

We guarantee the success and sustainability of your Nonprofit Organizations by providing the award-winning course, which focuses on fundraising, legal compliance, program development, marketing, and board development. You will have extra assurance that significant strides are being made towards your organization becoming viable, sustainable, and having maximum impact

You'll understand the four types of funders and how to develop a successful fundraising campaign to attract those donors

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Rapidly Increase Revenue

You'll take a deep dive into program development that will ensure the success of your Nonprofit Organization

Module 1 Proposal Writing

You'll never need a grant writer again

  • You'll take a deep dive into HOW to write the Concept for a proposal that appeals to FUNDERS

  • You'll take a deep dive into HOW to design and write the program section of the proposal

  • You'll understand the four outlets to send your proposal

  • You'll gain insight on how to construct the budget for your proposal

Module 2 Types of Funders

Your fundraising will significantly enhance

  • You'll learn tangible strategies to reach Individual Donors

  • You'll learn how to transform your entire organization into a culture of Philanthropy

  • You'll learn how to design Corporate Giving campaigns successfully

  • You'll learn how to mobilize your Board for high-level giving

Module 3 Three Stages to Success

Donors funding occurs in three stages, and you will master each stage

  • You'll learn how to develop successful prospective donor relationships

  • You'll learn the right perfect timing when to ask for the contribution

  • You'll gain a fantastic insight into donor cultivation, which will organically increase your funding efforts

Module 4 Develop a winning Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the centrality to building a successful Nonprofit

  • You'll learn how to deploy your Board in fundraising successfully

  • You'll learn how to get Board members heading in the right direction individually and collectively

  • You'll learn best practices for Board to use when engaging in fundraising

  • You'll learn the board responsibilities as it relates to fundraising

Module 5 Winning Program Outcomes, Goals and Strategies

Programming that is a measurable framework will always be successful

  • You'll learn how to write successful program outcomes

  • You'll learn the elements involved with designing program goals

  • You'll learn the strategies and best practices to help you achieve your program goals and outcomes.

Premium Level

The Premium level will help you rapidly increase revenue and grow your Nonprofit. You'll gain insight into total Fundraising, Board Development, Program Strategies, Donor Engagement, Proposal Writing, and Funder Types. You'll also receive three free sample proposals.

Standard Level

The Standard level will help you with Proposal Writing, and you'll also take a deep dive into program strategies. You'll also gain incredible insight into effective Board Development for long-term success and sustainability.

Basic Level

The Basic level will give you a broad understanding of funders' types while taking you on a deep dive into developing program strategies, allowing you to measure impact, and measure organizational success.